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Why subsidize stairlifts in villa districts

ColumnWould it explain what’s going on? Or is the hassle of a wrong law too boring to understand? But that dullness can be solved by throwing in the key word right now: grabbing. With ‘grabbing’, our by now favourite TV-singing interpreter will look just as greedy as with her beautiful rendition of ‘ trapliften hoarding’.

Let’s give it a try. The Social Support Act – for connoisseurs: the Wmo – was once devised to help people on low incomes with a raised toilet bowl, a stair lift, a mobility scooter or a cleaning aid. So that, for example, they can live on their own for longer. Because even before the corona there were people in our country who felt that help was needed. That was also necessary because, with a fervour that you would fervently desire in other areas, just about all old people’s homes have been closed. Friendly request to our favourite deaf interpreter: would you like to look at ‘cutbacks’ in the future in the same way as with ‘hoarding’?

The old Wmo had two drawbacks: even people with little income had to pay separately for each item (high toilet bowl and cleaning aid), which made it expensive. And you had to indicate punctually how much income and/or capital you had, which led to a lot of forms and tick marks.
Well-off citizens ascenseur domestique

Under the new law someone never pays more than 19 euros per four weeks and there is no income test anymore. As a result, even wealthy citizens are now crowding around the Wmo-pot. This is called ‘grabbing’. In short: subsidized stairlifts in villa districts. The available money runs out much sooner now and ends up partly with the wrong people.

Those wrong users say: If you don’t do it, you’re the thief of your own wallet. Apparently this is worse than being the thief of a wallet with little in it.

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